DIY : Simple shell and sand decoration

It is one of this days in Norway when you start  missing the summer in the middle of it .

Rainny landscapes outside the windows are more then less melancholical ( to escape usage of the word depressing ) and you still try to hold on to the thought of sunshine, beach and all things summer related .

Last two weeks weather was more generous to us , so I had a possibility of spending some quality beach time and used that oportunity to collect some shells .

I used them today for creating a “summer reminder “decoration on my work desk .

The things that I used for making this decoration are basics ,and probably most of you will find it at your  home :

-a wine glass ( but any other bigger glass or a small vase would do ),

– water,

-“swimming” candle (mine is from Ikea ),

-a nail top coat or clear nail polish

– sand or decorative home stones ( also possible to get at Ikea ) .

The whole proces is very simple and takes only few minuts:


After I cleaned the sells from sand I painted them with clear nail polish .


And let them dry for few minutes.


After shells are dry , we can fill the wine glass with sand or decorative stones ( I used the Stones but sand gives also a very nice effect) and cover them with shells .


Now we can gently fill the glass with water ( so it covers shells but at the same time  is not full ) and set the “swimming ” candle on the top .


And now just a little bit of the right surrounding and there it is !

A great reminder of summer on your working (or not necessary) area .





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